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With the right vocal lessons, you can get on stage too!
Your singing teacher performing in Amsterdam!

Singing, Made Simple

Ever wanted to be the karaoke king?

Live out your rockstar dreams?

Or simply sing a song for your sweetheart?

Singing tends to feel like an unlearnable talent, something a very lucky few are "born with".

I strongly disagree.

With practice, the right techniques, and a little bit of guidance, anyone can learn to sing—and that means you too!

Let me get this out of the way:
There is no ONE way learn to sing.

Any singing teacher promising that they have all the answers is full of it.

Because every singer's needs and goals are different, it's so important to know that there isn't an easy way to magically get a great singing voice. It's a journey, and all I can do is give you all the knowledge and commitment I have.

Using a combination of Bel Canto and Complete Vocal Technique (CVT),  my aim is to give you confidence and awareness in your singing, across your chest voice, head voice, and falsetto.


Combined with performance-centric tips and techniques, I want to help you feel proud and comfortable with your voice in any situation—from drunken karaoke in the Amsterdam city centre to performing in front of thousands.

The right singing lessons should aim to help you achieve your goals

Vocal Coaching:
The Simple Approach



Everyone has different reasons and goals for starting singing lessons, so right at the start we'll meet for a free consultation, talking through expectations and what we are aiming to achieve through the lessons.



Great singing starts with great technique—so that's what we'll be focusing on, right from the beginning. From fundamentals to proper warm ups, we will establish effective tools you can use every day to ensure a healthier, better singing voice.



Let's get you on that stage! With every lesson, we will continue building towards your goals, while discussing practical industry steps on how to get on that stage or in that recording studio—a goal-oriented approach to learning.

Vocal coaching at the heart of Amsterdam

Learn to Sing in De Pijp!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard enough—don't make travel time another reason to miss out on your musical goals! Our classes are held in a cosy studio at the heart of De Pijp, for greater convenience and accessibility for anyone in Amsterdam.

Singing lessons start in our cosy studio in Amsterdam

A look inside the cosy studio at the heart of Amsterdam

Amsterdam studio for vocal lessons and singing lessons

Plenty of space to relax 

Singing Lesson Packages

All prices are excluding BTW. Require financial assistance or want a special deal for multiple student sign-ups? Let's talk about it—drop me a message and I'll try my utmost to accommodate!

"Who Even is This Guy?"
Glad You Asked.

My name is Lincoln Lim and I've been a performer and songwriter for the past 15 years, and a singing teacher for the past decade. As someone who uses my voice on a daily basis, I know the importance of good vocal coaching and its impact in ensuring your vocal quality, health, and longevity is fully taken care of so it's in tip-top shape for that next big performance.

This isn't just a job to me. It's my way of using all the tricks and techniques I've learnt over the years to improve your musical journey and help you achieve your biggest performing goals—one singing lesson at a time.

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Nothing brings me more joy than watching you improve, one singing lesson at a time!
Hear What My Students Have to Say!
" Lincoln and his approach has helped to bring an incredibly valuable awareness to my singing technique, tone, and health from which I have already seen improvements translate to the stage. His attentiveness during the singing lessons, acute ability to identify and remediate weaknesses, combined with thoughtful exercises to practice have made for a super impactful singing experience. All this and more is encapsulated in a really fun and inviting environment that Lincoln’s natural personality creates, and this really eases any apprehensiveness and hesitation that I’ve felt with other singing teachers in the past."


Musician, Amsterdam

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